Zambian League Legend Honored In 600th And Final Match

Zambian Super League legend Buchizya Mfune was given a standing ovation on Saturday as he featured for Green Buffaloes against Kitwe United in his 600th and last match in a career that has spanned exactly 20 years.

Mfune may not be a name that’s known to all Zambians but football fans who have followed the league over the last 10 years and more immediately known the player and the contribution he has made.

Phoenix FM Sports Presenter and Zambian Football Blogger and Marketer Puncherello ” Punch” Chama together with Supersport Presenter Bwezani Mbewe and Buchizya’s younger brother Richard Mfune also traveled to Kitwe after coming up with an idea of honoring him.

On the day of the match Buchizya given a guard of honor before kick-off and also awarded with a Kitwe United scarf which is the club that he made his debut for on the 20th of June 2001 in an away match against Indeni FC.

The action then shifted to the pitch where Buchizya only played the last 10 minutes and he came on wearing a jersey sporting the number 600 as a tribute to how many games he has played and he was given the captains armband by Moonga Chilimba in a match which saw Green Buffalos beating Kitwe United 2-0 at Nkana Stadium.

After the match on a

very rare occasion, both Supersport and MTN rewarded Buchizya with the player of the match in honor of his contribution to the Zambian League.

As Buchizya walked off the pitch he had no idea that there was more in store for him as he found Punch and his brother Richard waiting for him at the team bus sporting t-shirts with his photo.

The usually calm and collected hard and nuts defender broke down and shed a tear as he approached the team bus.

Richard also awarded his brother a K1000 in appreciation of the sacrifices Buchizya had made to make sure that the younger brother completed his education and also pursued his dreams.

Punch and Bwezani were also excited at doing their bit in honoring Buchizya who had stayed disciplined and played in the Zambian League for 20 years which wasn’t easy and the objective is to ensure that Zambian League players are appreciated for the efforts they make to keep Zambian Football fans entertained.

19th of June 2021 marks the date where Buchizya retired and the irony is that he made his debut on the 20th of June 2001 almost to the same day.

Buchizya will now concentrate on his coaching career where he remains the assistant coach at Green Buffalos where he had been dropped into the technical bench this season.

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