Press Statement Dated 22nd February, 2020 By Kalusha Bwalya On Decision Of The FAZ Electoral Appeals Committee To Dismiss My Appeal

I received the decision of the FAZ Appeals Electoral Committee in the early hours of Saturday morning 22nd February, 2020. The decision has not surprised me. It was actually expected because the bodies that have been entrusted with conducting integrity checks, conducting elections and hearing appeals were set up in very questionable circumstances and are all lacking in jurisdiction to carry out their functions.

Quite troubling, I have just recently come to learn that the Chairman of the FAZ Electoral Appeals Committee one Mando Mwitumwa did not declare interest of his serious conflict. I have come to learn that the law firm where he is a partner actually represented the Football Association of Zambia in the case – Richard Kazala Laski v Football Association of

Zambia under Cause Number 2018/HK/ARB/002 before Mr. Justice T. I. Katanekwa. It is an elementary tenet of fairness that an individual with conflicted interest cannot preside over a matter in which he has interest. In fact, even just the appearance of conflict must cause such an individual, if he has any shred of integrity, to recuse himself.

I am strongly confident that I will be on the ballot papers for FAZ Elections on 28th March, 2020. The decision of the Appeals Committee is not final. The FAZ Constitution has allowed for further appellate processes beyond the Electoral Appeals Committee. The temporary setback should not be taken to heart. We shall help restore the glory of Zambian football and we shall also unite the football family.

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