Lusaka Dynamos Can Neither Confirm Or Deny That Bugatti Belongs To Captain Mugalu!!!

Lusaka Dynamos Football club have thrown their weight in the Bugatti discussion by stating that they couldn’t confirm or deny that the Bugatti belongs to captain of the side Chrispin Mugalu.

Zambian Social Media broke yesterday when a picture of a Bugatti at the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport surfaced on Social Media with speculation of who it belonged to.

LD weighed in on the conversation after a fan asked them if the car belonged to Chrispin Mugalu and they took to their facebook page and couldnt confirm or deny it.

Obviously LD were just having a bit of fun and banter and a Bugatti is one of the most expensive cars in the world and according to an article by CNN dated March 5th 2019 the most recent release cost $15 Million ( K278 Million) while much older 2006 models can still fetch prices of $1.5 Million (

K22 Million).

Zambia is not the only country where Buggatis can dominate talk in the country and in the USA in Early January 2020 a disagreement between Rappers 50 Cent and French Montana erupted after Montana claimed that he had bought the latest Bugatti as a present to himself with 50 Cent revealing that it was an old 2010 model.

Some say that the Bughatti is in transit and headed to Zimbabwe while others say its headed to Malawi but from a Footballing point of view it comes as no surprise that LDs Captain Mugalu can be linked to a Buggati as his $1 Million ( K14 Million) Price Tag is close to the price of an actual Buggati and in a league where some top players can now earn as much as K90,000 per month its probably only a matter of time until one owns a Bugatti.

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