The late Wisdom Chansa’s [RIP] nephew Tusajigwe Mwakibingwa has penned an Open Letter to the President of the Republic of Zambia who is also patron of the Zambian FA H. E Dr. Edgar Chagwa Lungu.

Open Letter to His Excellency President of the Republic of Zambia Dr Edgar Changwa Lungu

Ref: Gabon air disaster 1993

Dear Sir,

I write to you today not for the first time but ofcourse for the first time in the open, in the past 3 years i have sent a couple of letters to State House which i would like to think reached you. Nevertheless my name is Tusajigwe S Mwakibinga(nephew of the late Wisdom Chama Chansa) AKA ‘Summer Bee’.

The Topic is ofcourse what the Government never wants, to hear, i believe you were representing us as families of the deceased and i would just like to hear your thoughts on this matter before i make my request Sir.

You represented us and therefore i know you have a deeper feeling than everyone else out there apart from the families because it was you that was helping us fight this heartbreaking fight of not knowing what really happened to our beloved Uncles,

Fathers, Sons, Brothers, Cousins and so on.

Your Excellency i personally believe that your entering into office of President in 2016 was an answered prayer, well at least for my family and especially for my Grandfather who fought really hard for Justice. I may not be the family representative officially but i plead with you as a humble citizen and a family member of the deceased to please speak to us on this this issue.

Some will say i am insensitive of what is currently happening (Covid-19) pandemic but do you know that families of the deceased have suffered a worse pandemic since 1993? For those of us that have lost dear ones you know how it feels. The global pandemic will pass its a battle Zambia has already won, but our loved ones are still crying for justice in their graves.

I believe in you and i know you’re kind, at this particular moment i would like to speak on behalf of my family as well as the rest of the families that lost their loved ones.

In CONCLUSION: The Gabon Air Disaster 1993.

God Bless You, Much Love Mr President

Sincerely yours

Tusajigwe Stephen Mwakibinga


Source: Chipolopolo die hards

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