ZRA In K394 Million Additional Revenue Collection Through Interception Of Trucks With Border Discrepancies

By Patricia Male


The Zambia Revenue Authority -ZRA-collected K394 million additional revenue from anti-smuggling operations out of which K48 million was collected on Nakonde imports for the period January to September 2021.

The smuggling activities ranged from undervaluations, misclassifications, document falsification, transit fraud, and outright smuggling.

And ZRA Corporate Communications Manager Topsy Sikalinda says the Authority has genuine clearing agents and few bad ones that always want to dent the image of the clearing industry and is appealing to them not to dent the name of clearing agents

by facilitating smuggling activities.

Mr. Sikalinda adds that had ZRA not conducted anti-smuggling operations, the government would have lost this revenue.

He states that despite the reported planned protests by agents against ZRA and in particular the Commissioner General Kingsley Chanda, anti-smuggling operations will continue until smuggling is fully defeated.

Mr. Sikalinda said ZRA will not be intimidated by smugglers no matter the threats and malice and is advising clearing agents not to allow smugglers to use their names to stage protests against government revenue mobilization efforts.



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