ZRA And Clearing Agents Agree On Phased Implementation Of The Customs Clearing Agents Management Module

By Leah Ngoma


The Zambia Revenue Authority-ZRA- and the Executive Committee of all clearing associations from Nakonde have resolved to proceed with the implementation of the Customs Clearing Agents Management Module-CAMM- in a phased approach.

Clearing agents recently went on a strike following the introduction of a new customs agent management module by ZRA which they said was designed to benefit big and foreign clearing companies.

But during a meeting that lasted over four hours chaired by the Commissioner-General of ZRA dr. Kingsley Chanda together with commissioner customs services, Mr. Sydney Chibbabbuka, ZRA resolved to lift all suspensions slapped on clearing companies that participated in the disruption of border operations at Nakonde.

However, agents with outstanding transactions remain suspended until they account for the transactions.

ZRA Commissioner General Dr. Kingsley Chanda said the meeting was held in the spirit of giving and take hence ZRA offering to extend the pilot phase of the module to the end of December

2021 and assured the clearing agents that all fears and speculations will be dealt with during the extended period and that the module is being implemented in good faith and not in bad faith as portrayed by some sections of the clearing sector.

He further assured the agents that the module will not take away any business from them and that the issue of multinationals controlling a higher percentage in the sector is being dealt with by the government.

The ZRA Commissioner-General also informed the meeting that it no longer recognizes the Customs Clearing and Forwarding Agents Association of Zambia because of its manipulative way of dealing with matters.

Meanwhile, the Zambia Revenue Authority has exceeded its target for the first four months of 2021 by collecting K5.8 Billion above target representing 29.3% above target for January to April 2021.

This is according to a statement issued to Phoenix News by ZRA Corporate Communications Manager Topsy Sikalinda.



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