UPND Urged To Avoid Using Govt Resources During Kaumbwe Parliamentary By-Election Campaigns

By Leah Ngoma


The Governance, Elections, Advocacy, and Research Services -GEARS Initiative Zambia says stakeholders will take a keen interest in how the ruling UPND will conduct its campaigns and tolerance to other oppositions parties to carry out campaigns ahead of the Kaumbwe parliamentary, Chisamba, and Msanzala district Council by-elections.

Gears Initiative Executive Director Macdonald Chipenzi says his organization expects total rejection of violence, vote-buying, and voter blackmail and


Mr. Chipenzi says the new dawn government should not fall prey to the same trap other previous ruling party fell into, of using government resources to campaign and blackmail voters.

He has however indicated that so far, it is gratifying that the campaigns have been smooth and peaceful since the nominations as all participating political parties have not reported any intolerance or misbehavior of the Zambia police.



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