TIZ Wants UPND Govt To Address Inconsistencies And Contradictions In Their Public Statements

By Leah Ngoma


Transparency International Zambia (TIZ) is concerned about the inconsistencies and contradictions in media statements attributed to top political and government officials within the UPND administration.

TIZ Executive Director Maurice Nyambe observes that in the recent past, government positions on issues such as the true stock of public debt, Mukula trade, president’s travel arrangements and the presence of cadres in markets and bus stations among others, have been issued by different officials, with significant contradictions.

Mr. Nyambe says TIZ has also noted that political party officials within the UPND party and its alliance partners

have been issuing statements on government business without noting the distinction between political party affairs and affairs of the state.

He further states that Ms. Chushi Kasanda, who by virtue of being minister of information and media is the chief government spokesperson, has largely remained mute on critical governance issues, while different ministers, party officials and other top government officials have been issuing inconsistent statements.

Mr. Nyambe says in light of this, TIZ is calling upon the UPND government to urgently harmonize their public statements by developing and implementing a clear communication strategy.



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