Police Challenged To Release Findings Of The Chemical Being Used To Gas Households

By Michael Kaluba


Leader of the Green Party, Peter Sinkamba has challenged the Zambia Police to be sincere and state whether it has truly identified the chemical being used by criminals to gas people and to make the findings public.

And the Green Party leader is disappointed with the failure by Zambia Police to release the results from the chemical samples been used to gas people and the reason advanced by the Police Inspector General, Kakoma Kanganja.

Inspector General of

Police Kakoma Kanganja yesterday said results from the samples sent to identify the chemical being used by criminals to gas people are out but that police will not make them public as a security measure against equipping more criminals with the chemicals.

However, Mr. Sinkamba says it is illogical for police to insinuate that releasing the results will equip other criminals while people are still been gassed on a daily basis in different parts of the country.


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