Govt Urged To Withdraw Recovery Of Bursaries Money From Students

By Lukundo Nankamba


The Private Sector Development Association -PSDA- has advised the government to withdraw the recovery of bursaries money from students as it is not financially sustainable.

The student loan recovery which started in the patriotic front government in 2016 is aimed at providing school loans to students admitted to higher learning institutions through a revolving fund and later be recovered after completion of higher learning.

But PSDA Chairperson Yusuf

Dodia says although students perceive the loan system as a better and cost-effective way of acquiring education, there is still a need to considerably address the challenges especially when it comes to repayment as many do not acquire a sustainable salary after university.

Mr. Dodia has since urged the new dawn government that continuing with this system will require strengthened policies and guidelines of the student loan policy.



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