Government Reviewing The Awarding Of Contracts To Foreign Construction Companies

By Balewa Zyuulu


Infrastructure, Housing, and Urban Development Minister Charles Milupi have disclosed that his ministry is currently reviewing the awarding of contracts to foreign construction companies.

Mr. Milupi says this is because foreign construction firms do not help grow the economy due to revenue externalization.

And Mr. Milupi notes that to fully increase the participation of local contractors in the economy requires deliberate efforts by players such as building capacity among these local contractors.


says increased local participation is the only way in which national economic development can be achieved, especially that currently about 90% of the construction jobs are awarded to foreign companies thereby depriving the country of significant revenue.

Mr Milupi says to seal the current loopholes in the construction sector, local construction companies must prove that they have the capacity to deliver quality works within the given timeframe and at cost-reflective prices.



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