Government Development Priorities Questioned

By Chileshe Mwango


Development analyst Charity Musamba has questioned government’s reasoning to allocate K30 million to artists and a meager K2.5 million to livestock development.

Dr. Musamba says this is a clear sign of misplaced priorities in the allocation of resources as various development documents such as the seventh national development plan, the economic recovery report of 2017 among others indicate that the agriculture sector makes the best area of empowerment but resources allocated to the sector remain inadequate.

She tells Phoenix News that

while government may deny it, the move is a spontaneous reaction to demands by some youths mainly artists who recently expressed dissatisfaction in the manner national affairs are being managed.

Meanwhile, National Arts Council of Zambia Chairperson Patrick Samwimbila says the K30 million empowerment fund allocated to artists by government is not aimed at manipulating artists to support the ruling party.

And Mr. Samwimbila has advised artists that are not interested in accessing the fund to leave it those that are interested.



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