By Michael Kaluba

The Auditor General’s office is set to audit the empowerment administered through the consortium operating at the Black Mountain, Mopani Copper Mines and Konkola Copper Mines as soon the 2021 audits are completed.

Auditor General Dr. Dick Sichembe says the black mountain is a public resource that is operating as an extension of the ministry of mines as well as Mopani and KCM currently under government control, and is required to be audited by his office as prescribed under the constitution for accountability purposes.

Dr. Sichembe’s remarks come in the wake of green party leader Peter Sinkamba’s recent call on the office of

the auditor general to extend its audit to ongoing mining activities at the black mountain.

Meanwhile, Black Mountain Consortium Chairperson Kangwa Kamando has disclosed that the operation is set to release the 30 percent share of its total revenue over the month, to the Kitwe district commissioner’s office within the next 3 weeks towards beneficiary cooperatives.

Mr. Kamando adds that the consortium is currently undertaking an audit to quantify how much of the 30 percent of the black mountain given out as empowerment, has been utilized so far but was quick to mention that there is still enough of the resource yet to be used.



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