Macky2 Goes To University

Eden University has awarded Zambian rapper Mulaza Kaira “Macky2” a Scholarship to study  business management and leadership at the institution.

Macky2 thanked the university for the opportunity and said educating him will contribute to the arts industry in Zambia.

“As musicians I’ve always said this a number of times, it’s not only about entertaining people it’s also about informing people, it’s also about educating people, it’s also about inspiring people. How can you educate when you’re not educated. And obviously education is not only about school, it’s every single day we strive to better ourselves to learn. They say knowledge is power, so everyday we try and get as much education as possible,”

“As you  are all aware music is not a Hobby to some of us, it’s a business that feeds our families, it’s a business that contributes to the

growth of our country. Everything we’ve learnt about America, China, all these other countries we’ve known through art. Through movies, through music,”said Macky2.

And Eden University Executive Director, Kelvin Kaunda said the university has given Macky2 a scholarship as a way of supporting artistes.

Today we will be honoring one of our own celebrated artistes. As a university we’ve decided to come on board to offer Macky2 a scholarship in one of our best programs and that’s a post graduate diploma in business leadership and management. This is a new program, most of you may not be aware of this program” .

“We have been able to attract the best minds that will participate in instructing this particular program. Chibamba Kanyama, Professor Plo Lumumba, will be some of the lecturers in this particular program,”said Kaunda during a press briefing in Lusaka.

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