President Lungu’s Directive On Contracts Below K30 Million To Empower Local Contractors – Vincent Mwale

By Prudence Siabana


Housing and Infrastructure Development Minister Vincent Mwale says the directive by President Edgar lungu that contracts below k30 million must be reserved for Zambians will empower most local contractors.

In an interview with Phoenix News, Mr Mwale says the directive will help grow capacity in local contractors and ensure there is retention of money in

the economy.

Mr Mwale says this will also see many local contractors benefiting from the sub-contracting policy as they have the capacity to manage contracts in that range.

During the Commissioning of the Kalomo-Dundumwezi ngoma-Itezhi Tezhi road last month, President Lungu gave a directive that all contracts below k30 million must strictly be reserved for Zambians.



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