By Michael Kaluba 

Police on the Copperbelt have sounded a stern warning against those working at the black mountain to maintain law and order or face the wrath of the law if they are found wanting. 

Copperbelt Acting Police Commissioner Tresford Kasale says those operating from the black mountain must maintain law and order and allow members of the general public to continue with their day-to-day activities without disruption.  

Mr. Kasale warns that police will not hesitate to intervene in any hooliganism or anarchy emanating from the black mountain as recently witnessed and has threatened to arrest anyone that will be found breaking

the law. 

In an interview with Phoenix News, the Copperbelt Acting Police Chief is urging operators, chrome pickers, tipper truck drivers and any other persons operating from the black mountain to act within the confines of the law to avoid being arrested. 

Nkana Constituency Independent Parliamentarian Binwell Mpundu recently sounded complaints by people who are worried for their safety due to excessive speed and alleged unruly behavior of the black mountain tipper truck drivers while chrome pickers and tipper truck drivers are also said to frequently clash over the material in addition to recent protests that caused huge traffic jams in the city. 


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