Millers Say There Are No Immediate Plans To Further Reduce Mealie Meal Prices By Members Accessing Subsidized Maize

By Penjani Banda

The millers association of Zambia says there will be no further reduction of mealie meal prices in the immediate term by all 34 milling companies that have signed the tripartite agreement with the grain traders association of Zambia and food reserve agency.

Association president Andrew Chintala says all milling companies have complied with the agreement by selling mealie meal at between K130 and K136 per 25kg bag retail price.
Mr. Chintala tells Phoenix News that millers are aware of

concerns raised by consumers that the price of the staple food is still high despite the reductions effected after the tripartite agreement with the FRA and grain traders but that there is need to review the current prices at some point in future.

He said stakeholders will meet in future to consider if it will be favorable to reduce further mealie meal prices and recommendations will be made.

Mr. Chintala indicated that for now, prices will remain as they are.



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