By Tinkerbel Mwila

A non-governmental organization, Beautiful Gate Foundation is calling for the immediate suspension of operations at the black mountain in Kitwe following sustained related road traffic accidents reported to have claimed one life so far.

In an interview with Phoenix News, Foundation Executive Director Bill Kapinga says ignoring the safety gaps at the black mountain including along the routes the trucks from the site use to transport material, will only continue leading to the loss of lives.

Mr. Kapinga is of the view that the people spearheading the operations are selfish individuals who are only interested in making money and ignoring the

dangers currently prevailing on the ground.
He alleges that safety regulations are being disregarded and has proposed that operations are brought to a complete halt until all the safety measures are put in place to save lives.

Kitwe has continued recording accidents as a result of chrome pickers jumping from moving trucks with Kitwe District Commissioner Lawrence Mwanza clarifying that only life has been lost so far with another amputated as a result of black mountain related road traffic accidents while the UPND in Kitwe district has maintained that to date, the operations at the black mountain have not recorded any death.


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