A Go Slow Imminent At ZIBSIP Due To Deepening Wrangles Between Lecturers And Management

By Michael Kaluba


Wrangles between management and some employees at the Zambia Institute of Business Studies and Industrial Practice -ZIBSIP- are deepening with indications that a go-slow by lecturers is imminent at the institution if pertinent issues to do with unpaid gratuities, recently effected salary deductions, and forfeiture of leave days are not addressed immediately.

It is alleged by some employee’s that in addition to the recent disputed recovery plan for the money that employees owe the institution for studies offered to their relatives and initially agreed to be deducted from unpaid gratuities but now effected on salaries for the next 12 months, the college has now forced workers to sign leave paper’s for at least 10 leave days during the semester break between April 26th and May 7th, 2021.

The workers allege that, in an attempt to devalue their unpaid gratuities further,

management intends on forcing workers to sign leave papers for those 90 days when the government instructed everyone to work from home starting from April to June 2020 at the height of the spread of the covid 19 pandemics in Zambia failure to which they forfeit the days.

And speaking to phoenix news over the employee’s discontent, ICT senior lecturer Perry Longwani disclosed that ZIBSIP management has increased their subsistence allowance and has been receiving full management allowances and benefits despite only acting in those positions.

Mr. Longwani has challenged management to issue evidence that all these measures are coming from the government.

Earlier, ZIBSIP acting Principal Francis Bwalya expressed displeasure with ZIBSP employees for opting to bring such matters to the media arguing that making institution matters public would not avail a solution for the lecturers and allied workers at ZIPSIP.



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