Radio Phoenix (1996) Ltd (Phoenix FM), launched on 22nd March 1996, was the first Independent Commercial FM Radio Station in Zambia. The station’s nation wide coverage spanned across 4 out of 9 provinces, covering an area in excess of 643 Kilometers from part of the Southern Province through Lusaka, Central and the Copperbelt Provinces.

Radio Phoenix the trailblazer of all private Commercial Radio Stations, (89.5FM from Lusaka), has since acquired five extra frequencies on an expansion program to the north to cover the entire Copperbelt mining area, with repeater stations installed along the railway line all the way to Chililabombwe which also reaches the Democratic Republic of Congo border in the North.

Radio Phoenix National On Call Signals:

  • 99.9 FM Kabwe (Central Province)
  • 107.5 FM Kapiri (Central Province)
  • 89.3 FM Ndola (Copperbelt Province)
  • 89.3 FM Kitwe and the rest of the Copperbelt
  • 104.5 FM Chingola and Chililabombwe

Mission: Radio Phoenix aims to inform, educate and entertain

Main broadcasts

  • Sponsored programs and commercials
  • The twice weekly flagship “Let the people talk” is broadcast on Tuesdays and Fridays for two and a half hours
  • Main News Bulletins – Five times a day: 06:45hrs, 08:00 hrs 13:00hrs, 17:00 hrs and 18:00hrs respectively
  • Community News – Twice daily
  • Product promotional live interactive talk shows which include: Sports Diary, Celebrating Life, Let The People Talk
  • Sponsored programs
  • Musical shows which include: Top 10@10, All Request Lunch Hour, Local Rhythms Count Down, TGIF
  • Commercials: 30, 45 and 60 second ads

Our 24-hour shift operates solely in the official English language, but any of our vernacular languages are allowed for the sake of expression, provided a translated summary is provided in English for all to understand with clarity.

Helpline project and the Breakthrough Cancer Trust (Charity and Social responsibility)

Two self-identified charities are run alongside our core business activities:

  • The Helpline Project: operates on the principle of Robin Hood. This Project assists the underprivileged, widows/widowers, orphanages, the differently abled and the aged countrywide.
  • The Breakthrough Cancer Trust: This Trust lobby’s for specialist cancer treatment, surgery and medicines to female cancer patients admitted to our cancer adapted Ward B21 at University Teaching Hospital and broadcasts on Radio Phoenix a cancer awareness segment every Wednesday evening called “Celebrating Life”.

Survey Statistics

Recent statistics indicate that Radio Phoenix is accepted as the favorite radio station for both continuous and periodic listeners who listen from home, while driving or from their offices.  We currently run at par with the national radio station according to recent studies. The following are the results derived from the latest survey:

  • 62% male and 38% female
  • 18-24 years age group 28% and
  • 25-34 years age group 40%

We enjoy more than 50% listener-ship in Lusaka alone and due to an increase in talk shows; we are now enjoying healthy continuous audiences, fluctuating only after midnight or in some cases during the “graveyard” slots towards dawn.